Friday, August 7, 2009

1 down, 10,000 To go

Well, I have been working on these longies for Jess for x-mas for weeks. I got one leg done and just ran out of steam. The second leg took FOREVER! But they are done, and I am so overly proud of them! They turned out amazing! Whew! That is one knitting project down for x-mas, now I only have about 10,000 more to go! Slippers for lizzie and all my neices, a dress for emma, and still yet to do is all of Jess's winter longies! UGH! I have so much to do and so little time left to do it!

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  1. hmph since you won't let me comment to your new post, i'll comment here! you can't stop me! bwhahaha!

    anyway, i hope i wasn't one of those ppl whos comments pissed you off. i don't think i said anything that would have, but if i did, i apologize.

    and i'm mad at you for deleting the post. the only person who had any right to ask you to delete it would be greg, simply because it was about your marriage and he has a right to ask for a little privacy about that. other ppl are entitled to their opinions about it-but screw it and delete or don't post their comments. THIS IS YOUR BLOG. Even the title itself says they can deal with it. Don't hide truth and who you are because some ppl can't handle it or don't like it. You are entitled to voice your opinions on whatever you choose whenever you choose to. And they can bite your shiny metal ass if they don't like it!