Monday, July 20, 2009

Irritated with dumb people.

I can't understand people at all. Today I texted all of my family and Greg's family to let them all know Greg's offical deployment day and time. Within a few hours everyone in MY family had sent a text back, e-mail or something saying something like "he's in our thoughts" or "hope he safe" etc. NONE of Greg's family has said a damn thing. Greg's mom is forgiven for the moment because I know they are in Michigan in an area with really bad cell phone recepetion (so she gets a bye until they get back on Wends). But his brother and sister haven't said anything. Of all people his sister I can't believe. I mean she is former army, her husband is army (who has been deployed to 2 times to the same place Greg is going and he knows the dangers of the area). You would think they would at least call and say goodbye or something. I am probably crazy, but I think it is crappy. I have a great feeling that Greg is going to be just fine while he is deployed, but still dammit you never effing know what is going to happen in any part of life. If your family member was going to a war zone, wouldn't you want to talk to them before they left? I mean WTF?! Who does that shit? Greg wonders why I get so irritated with his family. He says this is normal family behavior but my family is "abnormal". And you know what if this is considered "normal" family behavior I want my abnormal family and I want to raise my kids to be abnormal too.

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