Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am so sick and tired of being criticized about my parenting. I know that I am a bit hard on my kids, but I want them to grow up with respect. I do not allow my children to run crazy and be extremely loud anywhere in public. This includes "family" places like McDonald's, Burger King, etc. I can't understand how people can allow their children to run around and act crazy. It's not respectful to the other people in there or even the workers. I don't mind my kids having a good time, but they don't need to be crawling around empty booths, playing tag, running indoors, screaming or being extrememly loud. To me, my children should sit on their bottoms, eat their food, then they can play quietly together or with other kids. IF there is a play area, I have no problems letting them run and be a bit louder in those areas because that is what they are designed for. I also require my children to say "yes, no thank you, please, thank you, yes ma'am/sir, no ma'am sir". It is unacceptable for my children to say "yea, uh-huh, whatever," and things of that nature. I also would wash my childs mouth out with soap if they EVER tried to say things like "I hate you" or "I don't love you" because someone doesn't give them their way. I simply will not put up with. I am starting to teach Jessiah certain things. He can't comprehend everything yet, but he knows to say please and thanks. We have issues on some days, but he is only 18 months old. He can't get it all yet!

Now let's talk about clothing. I am trying very hard to teach my 6 year old appropriate dress. It is very hard when she sees people younger than her dressed like a hoochie. I am more strick than most when it comes to clothing. We do not allow short shorts (except at home INSIDE our home), most speghetti strapped shirts, halter tops, strapless tops, dresses shorter than mid-thigh (actually a little longer on lizzie). We require her to cover her self up. She has to understand that her beauty goes much deeper than her clothes and her body. My daughter has a beautiful spirit and personality. I want people to see that rather than how long her legs are or how skinny she is. I also dress her in a very age appropriate matter. She doesn't get to wear hip hugger jeans or jeans, pants, shorts, or shirts that are extremely tight or have in appropriate graphics on them. For example, on my way to GA we stopped at a gas station to grab some snacks, I saw a girl that was lucky to be 10 years old. She was wearing a heavy amount of make up, a pair of really tight SHORT (I could see 1/2 her butt cheek sticking out) shorts, and a t-shirt that said "I make the boys drool". I about fell over flat! I couldn't imagine letting my 16 year old dress like that let alone my 10 year old. Like I said I know I am a bit extreme in the clothing area, but damn kids grow up so fast on their own, do they really have to accelerate it by the way they dress?

Say what you will about my parenting, but I get nothing but compliments on their behavior (even Jessiah's). I am constantly being told how polite, and well behaved they are. Lizzie's teacher said this year (during her big problematic months) that she was the most respectful child even during her tantrums. She would be upset over somthing and STILL would say "yes ma'am" "no ma'am" "please" and "thank you". It was kind of humourous to the teacher and principal because niether of them had ever experienced something like that before but still. Bottom line, just because I don't let my kids manipulate me and act like wild animals doesn't mean I am a bad parent. 99% of people that know my kids (and REALLY know them) can see how happy and well adjusted they are.


  1. what crazy person told you you were a bad parent for actually raising and parenting your kids?

  2. lol...the ones who let their kids act like little devils and think that it is just "kids being kids" and that kids shouldn't have boundries until they are teenagers.